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Our software is called OqtopuS™ (where "q" stands for quality). The name corresponds to the octopus, a mollusk belonging to the class cephalopods (meaning head-foot). We are fascinated by this ancient rooted creature that has several common points with our software:


an octopus... our software...
is member of the most highly developed class of mollusks is a sophisticated tool in its class
is characterized by well-developed head and eyes and surrounded by tentacles has a well developed core component (its "brain"), surrounded by specialized functional modules
has (eight) muscular but flexible arms with rows of suckers to help them hold their prey or just get around has a series of specialized modules to handle quality management tasks & other processes, each of them can fit the company's needs with a variable level of complexity
has no bones, which enables them to squeeze through very small spaces is highly flexible and can be very easily adapted to each company's needs
live in a variety of conditions in the ocean, from very deep water to coral reefs or even along the shore adapts very well to small or large companies, as well as to various technical environments and company structures.
has a remarkable ability to disguise itself by changing the color and texture of the skin 
(this helps it remain hidden and is the main method of defense for most octopuses)
can be made very visible (main company's intranet) or run discretely, providing only functionality for quality management that is complementary to other systems already in place.

Tremoctopus violaceus, 2m long. (c) Peter Wirtz

O. bimaculoides  Photo credit: Nancy King

Octopus filosus Photo credit: Colin Dunlop



Octopus biology links:

Learn more about this highly adaptable, flexible, powerful and amazing creature upon which we have based the name of our main software product.


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