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Who can use OqtopuS™?
OqtopuS™ addresses companies or organisations of all sizes, in any industry or sector of activity. OqtopuS™ is scalable: it will work for a company having a small or a large staff (hundreds of persons); it will naturally accommodate a growing number of users.  
Do I need to have a Quality system to use OqtopuS™ ?
No. OqtopuS™ can be used by a company that either builds its quality system from the beginning or is willing to improve its existing quality system.
We have a business system.
How does OqtopuS™ fit?

We believe that OqtopuS™ is complementary to any business system. It addresses specifically quality management aspects, rather than quality control aspects as most business systems do. A data interface can be set up between OqtopuS™ and the business system.

What level of expertise is required?
No specific knowledge is required apart from being able to use a computer. OqtopuS™ is meant to be used by everyone in the company. It's interface is simple & intuitive and is easy to learn and understand.
Can existing data & documents be used by OqtopuS™ ?
Data & documents existing in electronic format can be collected and fed into the system. You can decide to load the system with what you have, or start from scratch.
Our Intranet is already in place.
How does OqtopuS™
OqtopuS™ can be integrated with your company's Intranet: both use web technology and are therefore compatible. In terms of contents, OqtopuS™ addresses mainly quality management aspects, which are probably not covered by your intranet.  If an intranet does not yet exist, OqtopuS™ can act as your company's Intranet.
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