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The principle

The principle behind OqtopuS™ is simple: collect a maximum of data, documents and quality records into one single place and make them available through a user-friendly website that can be accessed through a standard web browser.  The company can then launch and manage a number of quality management processes like document control, complaints handling, action tracking, audits, training, and more...!


OqtopuS uses web-technologies to allow to quickly create, on the company's internal network, a site or web-portal where all information related to quality is grouped and integrated : it's the "Quality System Site". 



With OqtopuS you can describe your company's structure and processes, and maintain inventories of resources like people, equipment, rooms, etc.  You can then describe how work is organized within the various business units of the company using a very simple but effective model. A number of quality management mechanisms can then be launched: document management, complaints registration, action tracking, auditing, training, etc. Each of these QM mechanisms is fully controlled by users of OqtopuS, from the planning phase to reporting. 


The system stores the data in a central data repository, which constitutes the source for all information displayed throughout the Quality System Site. As every piece of information is stored only once, any changes to done to the data are reflected immediately in the various parts of the system within seconds.



How users interact with OqtopuS

All quality system data is available to the users on the "Quality System Site", which can be accessed using a web browser (ex. Internet Explorer). The Quality System Site is essentially a web-site organized by "thematic zones", each of them focusing on one particular aspect of the quality system, ex. "actions", "audits", "quality manual". Other zones provide transversal overview information, focusing on several aspects of the quality system. 

Data is encoded and modified through online forms. For the more complex tasks, OqtopuS offers online assistants that guide the user through the task.  


Delivering the right information to each user

OqtopuS implements a simple, yet efficient access rights schema. What the user can view and do in the quality system depends mainly on the functions a person has within the company and the confidentiality level of the data. Information of general interest (ex. a quality manual) is visible to all users, whereas confidential information is only displayed for staff with appropriate permissions.

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