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Complaints & Issues (non-conformities)

Manage the complaints & problem handling process. Users can register issues, evaluate each case, launch corrective actions and track them till completion, and formally close each issue. Meaningful reporting and statistics: automatic tables and graphs.

Schedule, plan and perform internal audits. Build your audit team, specify reference documents and audit agenda, encode results and launch and follow-up remarks and actions. Complete audit reporting. Complete reporting and statistics.
Launch & follow-up corrective, preventive and improvement actions derived from meetings, audits or other and track them till completion. Maintain the overview over all ongoing actions and produce automatically statistics & reports.
Quality Records  
Maintain an overview on all quality records dispersed in your company: data records, order forms, repair reports, .... Always know where they are, how to get to them and how long to keep them.
Quality System Control Panel

Provides a realtime overview of the quality system.  Quality indicators constructed on-the-fly on the basis of encoded data. Tables and graphs constructed automatically (no need to use MSExcel).

Q&A (Question & Answer online)

Users can send feedback & ask questions, and authorized users provide answers online.

Procedures and technical documents
Inventory and control procedures, instructions, forms, policies, and other documents in a simple but effective way. Registration, creation or upload of contents, approval, revisions, withdrawal. Automatic history of changes. Establish references to other items in the quality system. Quick and easy access.
Quality Manual online  
Manage the company’s Quality Manual structure and contents and make it "navigable". Keyword search on the contents. History of changes is automatic. Each section of the quality manual is under document control (creation, approval, revision, archiving). Easy printing and exporting to other formats.
Online editing  
Create and modify documents directly online without using MS Word. Transfer from MSWord  by “cut and paste”.
Library online
Post files (documents, images, spreadsheets) to the quality system. Files classified and available for viewing or downloading.
Directory of persons belonging to the organization. Contact data, jobs/roles, CV-online.
Directory of suppliers of the company. Contact data, automatic list of supplied materials or devices.
Directory of devices in the company. Detailed description, online logbook, maintenance program and calendar.
Directory of rooms (physical locations) in the company. Descriptive data, installations, accesses (doors).
Directory of supplies & consumables in the company. Detailed description, manipulation, storage & other instructions.
Analysis/Tests (Lab version only)
Directory of analysis/tests done by a laboratory. Detailed description, order forms, sampling material, sample types, normal values, subcontractors, sampling instructions and more.
Entities & Workplaces

Structure the quality system in entities (sectors, units) and describe individual workplaces in terms of staff allocated, machines & material used, applicable procedures and other data. Managers describe how work is organized in their areas and users access information in a quick and organized way.


Describe work processes in a simple way. Establish a list of processes and sub-processes and indicate the workplaces that participate in the process flow. For each individual process you can access all information and statistics about staff, documents and other resources.

Job Titles & Descriptions
Manage job titles (functions, roles) used in your company and their descriptions. Job descriptions under document control. Attribute job titles to people.
Restructuring the Quality-System  
Keep easily your quality system up-to-date when changes occur in the organization. Transfer resources between sectors, merge two sectors, and many more. Data is automatically kept consistent.
Company Agenda

Plan/schedule meetings, demos, conferences or any other event using one central company calendar. Events encoded in a standardized way; multiple displays.

Multicriteria search 
Enables users to easily find something in the quality system by simply typing one or more keywords (equivalent to popular internet search engines).
Create and manage news articles and publish them on your quality system portal to maintain personnel or the public informed about what goes on in the organization.
Holiday calendar

Maintain a holiday calendar online. Your company’s staff will know if a colleague is available or not and for which reason.


User & permissions management. Users, groups, access privileges. Can be configured for use with various mechanisms for user authentication.

Change History  
Automatic logging of modifications to and life-cycle of objects in the quality system. Useful for auditing purposes.
Categories & lists 
Customize categories & lists used throughout the system to best fit your company’s activity. Wizards assist if you need to reclassify items.

Retrieve and manage quality system information that has been withdrawn in the past, mainly obsolete documents and resources (people, equipment, suppliers,...). 

Data import

Allows initialization of the system with data created elsewhere; you can also append data to the dataset already stored in OqtopuS™.

Data Export  
Export selected data to a given number of formats, ex. to reuse data in another system or create custom reports and graphs.

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