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...for all staff members: 

  • people participate in updating their Quality System

  • one single place having all quality related information 

  • find data quickly when needed: a document, a person,...


...for Quality Managers:

  • helps planning audits, training, meetings,...

  • monitor  quality system status : status flags, alarms,...

  • simplifies daily quality management tasks : document reviews, lists of actions, notifications to people, reporting, ...

  • helps demonstrate compliance with requirements of standards like ISO9000, ISO15189, ISO14000, …

  • changes to documents and data are automatically reflected everywhere in no time

  • essential data driven reporting and statistical capabilities, with variable level of detail


...for Management staff:

  • follow-up status of entities & resources (equipment, persons, documents): status flags, summary views, inventories...

  • control quality aspects of the work: approve procedures, program equipment maintenance activities, program audits, handle reported problems, define actions, ...

  • view quality indicators and other essential reports and statistics

  • quality system quickly adapted when changes in your company happen.

OqtopuS™ allows to share a common quality system 
It is well suited for companies that are decentralized, located on several sites, buildings or floors.
OqtopuS™ facilitates "heavy" tasks linked to traditional quality systems
ex. document control: distribution of documents, follow up of modifications, version control, archiving obsolete documents,...
OqtopuS™ saves time with automatic functions
keyword search, assembling the quality manual online, recalls on deadlines, on-the-fly production of quality indicators in tabular and/or graphic form,...
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