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We are a small independent management consultancy firm established in 1991.  We are located in Brussels (Belgium), at a stone's throw from the European Commission's headquarters. Our consultants are all university graduates with a broad technical background and 'real-life' project and company experience.  


We have been working for over 12 years in Quality Management and Project Management, in Belgium and abroad, performing various technical assignments for large and small organizations; our know-how and professionalism are recognized.


Our mission is to develop innovative, front-edge Quality Management Services and Quality System Technology that enable organizations and projects to implement top-notch Quality Management rapidly, with a minimum expense of labour and at low cost.  
Our goal is to bring to the market affordable, modern and effective Quality Systems; to achieve it, we constantly keep abreast with the latest developments in Quality Management.


We are close to our clients, we listen to them, we care about their problems. OSC strives to satisfy each client by delivering tangible results and working solutions. Our methodologies are based on hands-on experience and high professional standards. Most of our assignments are planned and conducted as stand-alone projects, on the basis of clearly documented customer requirements and in compliance with an agreed, detailed workplan. Each assignment is run in controlled phases; the tasks performed yield deliverables that are readily usable by the client. We provide the service or the product when and where it is most useful to the client.

For all projects -- small or large, simple or complex -- we develop specific project quality plans and quality management instruments such as the project's quality procedures, quality record collection forms and, if need be, custom management software that facilitate the collection of quality records and the analysis and interpretation of quality-related data. 


All our assignments make ample room for communication. We place a lot of attention on the quality of our training material and on the contents of our regular reports to management. We want to keep the clients abreast of work progress; we alert them immediately if a problem develops and attempt to seek the solution that meets their best interests. At all stages, we strive to raise awareness about quality management and to improve the flow and use of quality management information. We believe that well-conducted quality management projects always result in improved communication between all participants.


We foster long-term relationships with our clients. Our approach is to collaborate closely with each client, at all hierarchical levels, in an open-minded and constructive manner.  At all stages, we aim at delivering services and products that match the company's expectations. Our professional attitude is based on objectivity, independence and strict ethics. Our values are customer satisfaction, ethics, professionalism and innovation.


At OSC, we attempt to live by the Quality Standards that we advocate.


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